Terrarium TV Vs Kodi (Complete Comparison) 2018

Which one is better, either Terrarium TV or Kodi? What to pick and what to kick? The all-time confusion as you want that perfect app for your Android device so that your entertainment keeps on going without any troubles. Right? To get your head clear about this here are the pros and cons, everything which all you need to get straight about what you need.

Terrarium Tv vs Kodi

What is Kodi?

Kodi is developed by XBMC foundation (the USA based non-profit organization) under opensource GPL license, means it allows developers to make this tool more effective and useful. Kodi is an extremely popular cross-platform media player tool which fulfills all the entertainment need at the single place. Whether you love to watch movies, videos, tv shows, news channels, sports or listen to music, podcasts or play games; Kodi will provide everything. It supports thousands of add-ons and skins. Rather say, Kodi is only useful because of its add-ons, else its just a media player software. But, with the help of various popular Kodi add-ons, we can watch anything we want.

What is Terrarium Tv?

Terrarium TV is a simple but extremely effective tool for movies and TV series lovers out there. It's an app for online movies and Tv shows streaming for your Android devices. The Terrarium TV app has a very huge range of collection of movies and TV shows which is the only reason why it has become so much popular amongst people of all the world. The recent updates of Terrarium TV have added some cool features, which keep Terrarium TV above the competition of the rest of the movies application.

Terrarium TV Vs Kodi Comparison

Terrarium TV


Movies & Tv Shows App.

Movies, TV shows, Music, Videos & Photos.

Quick Resume Player from Standby.

Lack Quick Resume Player from Standby.

No additional Add-ons available.

Add-ons available.

Advertisements are shown in-between the streaming.

No Advertisements.

Supports Android, Box, Amazon FireTV

Supports Android, Box, Amazon FireTV

Supports Only android operating system.

Supports Almost all the operating system.

The code is not Open-source

Open Source

Terrarium TV is an Android-based mobile application which allows you to watch all the popular movies and tv shows.

Whereas, Kodi is a multi-device media player application which gives you opportunities to watch movies, tv shows, news, live tv, sports, music, and play games.

But Why Terrarium TV app is better than Kodi:

  • The Terrarium TV supports in Android TV and Android TV box
  • Terrarium TV has a huge library of movies and TV shows
  • HD-quality
  • Terrarium TV supports subtitles, which are available in different languages.
  • It also has an off-online mode. So, you can download your favorite movie or tv show and watch later.
  • The gallery is sorted in a very organized manner which helps to find things to watch very easily.
  • It also comes with a TV calendar which helps users with the day to day updates.


Terrarium TV  is the perfect choice for a Movies & Television Shows enthusiast. KODI gives the control over the Sports streaming also. Both of them have pros & cons. Depending on the type of entertainment you want, choose which suits you. Keep visiting Songwig.com for latest updates on terrarium tv

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